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Mathematics Help Topics

Though not exhaustive below of some example topics where our tutors can provide mathematics assignment & exam help. With 100+ mathematics tutors, provides help in each and every topic in Mathematics


number system, operations, algebraic equations, functions, graphs, polynomials, system of linear equations. complex analysis


limits and continuity, derivatives, functions, definite integral, application of derivations, maxima and minima

Coordinate Geometry

circle, conic sections, cube, ellipse, parabola, hyperbola, pair of lines, parametric equation, plane, transformations


combinatorics, permutation, combination, random variable, conditional probability, Bayes theorem, stochastic processes


Pythagorean triangle, trigonometric functions and their graphs, trigonometric equations and identities, the unit circle

Logic & Set Theory

deductive reasoning, propositional and boolean logic, predicate logic and relations, union, intersection, disjoint sets, venn diagram

Vector Analysis

scalar product, vector product, vector identity, gradient, curl, divergence, laplacian function, vector fields, line integral

Advanced Mathematics

linear algebra, operations research, topology, real analysis, fractals, tensor analysis, game theory,

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Mathematics Tools

Working in Mathematics may sometimes require special tools. Our mathematics tutors can provide homework, assignment and exam help with the following tools.

mathematica help


matlab help


octave help

GNU Octave

python help

Python/ Scikit

maple help


desmos help


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