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General Questions is a platform which connects students seeking academic help in multiple subjects with expert tutors around the world.

A student makes payment and uploads her questions through a simple uploading tool provided in XpressTutor. Our experts write the solutions of the questions which is then emailed to the student in the agreed timeframe.

We cover Statistics, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Programming & Databases, Management & Finance, Economics and Science up to research level.

Yes, please send a mail to support [at] with your date/time preference and time zone.

If you do not understand a solution, please feel free to email and ask for clarification. You can also go for live tutoring to undertsand the concepts.

There are subjects/topics which have different names but they fall within the broad subjects mentioned here. For example, Operations Research is part of Math and Project Management is part of Management & Finance. If in doubt, you can send your questions to support [AT] We will get back to you with clarification.

Suggested price is an approximate price which works for more than 95% questions. This is an estimate for medium complexity questions which require ½ to 1 page solution. This is done to expedite the process of question upload and get you a quick solution. If we are not able to solve your questions in suggested price, we will get back to you probably within an hour but not more than 12 Hours.

We prefer that you upload your question. In case you have a doubt or you are facing any difficulty, please email your question to support[AT] We will take care of the rest.

We provide help for high school, college and research.

You can send a mail to support[AT] with follow up questions. Our expert will send you clarification on your email.

Privacy & Security

All our tutors are under legal contract for privacy. For additional privacy, we remove all identifiable information before forwarding it to our tutors.

No, payment is processed with leading payment gateways on their site. We only get a success or failure information.

All the answers go through a round of quality and plagiarism check. You are eligible for a full refund and additional credits if your answer does not pass a plagiarism check.

No, each and every answer given by our experts is unique. We ensure this with our contract and quality checks.

Refund Policy

We assure you that this does not happen normally, becuase of our strict quality checks. In the unlikely case, you are eligible for refund for all your wrong answers.

If we find an incomplete question we ask the student to provide data for the gaps in the question. Please note that, it is your responsibility to provide all the parts and your assignment may get delayed or some parts of it may be unanswered, if details are not provided in time.

If a question is not answered becuase of ambiguity or difficulty, you are eligible for refund. However, if a question is not answered because of incomplete/missing data, you may not be eligible for refund.

There may be at the most 10% variability in the timeframe. If for some reason we are getting delayed beyond that, we will take a prior email approval.

We take full responsibility for correctness of the answers but there is no guarantee for grade or marks because it is possible that the professor is expecting answers in a specific format which was not provided to us. If you are expecting answers in a specific format, please provide sample answers along with the questions.
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