Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We've Got Answers! is a platform which connects students seeking academic help in multiple subjects with expert tutors around the world.
We cover Statistics, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Programming & Databases, Management & Finance, Economics and Science up to research level.
Yes, please send a mail to support [at] with your date/time preference and time zone.
If you do not undertsand a solution, please feel free to email and ask for clarification. You can also go for live tutoring to undertsand the concepts.
You can submit questions similar to your assignment, understand how they are solved and then solve the assignment yourself. We do not recommend submitting college assignments.
There are subjects/topics which have different names but they fall within the broad subjects mentioned here. For example, Operations Research is part of Math and Project Management is part of Management & Finance. If in doubt, you can send your questions to support [AT] We will get back to you with clarification.
Our tutors are all human. They err sometimes. We will refund your money in case of the answer being wrong.
Suggested price is an approximate price which works for more than 95% questions. This is an estimate for medium complexity questions which require ½ to 1 page solution. This is done to expedite the process of question upload and get you a quick solution. If we are not able to solve your questions in suggested price, we will get back to you probably within an hour but not more than 12 Hours.
A student makes payment and uploads her questions through a simple uploading tool provided in XPressTutor. Our experts write the solutions of the questions which is then emailed to the student in the agreed timeframe.
We prefer that you upload your question. In case you have a doubt or you are facing any difficulty, please email your question to support[AT] We will take care of the rest.
We provide help for high school, college and research.
You can send a mail to support[AT] with followup questions. Our expert will send you clarification on your email.
If we find an incomplete question we ask the student to provide data for the gaps in the question. In case the question itself is unclear, we ask the student to restate/reword the question. If the question is not corrected within a reasonable timeframe, the question may be returned unanswered in some cases.
We assure you that this a very unlikely event, especially when we have complete data and questions. In the unlikely event where we are unable to provide help within the agreed time, we will charge you in accordance to our pricing for the new time now taken. The difference between what you have paid and what was finally charged for the question-help will be credited to your account.
For unanswered questions, we provide full refund.